Oil Sponge UC 1 gallon


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Oil Sponge UC is strong enough to remove substances ranging from general industrial cleaning to heavier greases and oils. As it is readily bio-degradable, it contains no Butyl, Phosphates, Nitrates, Chlorinated Solvents, or Petroleum by-products. Oil Sponge UC meets the California South Coast Air Quality Management District cleaner specifications containing less than 50 g/L VOC in dilution. Oil Sponge UC requires no additional handling precautions. It is safe to store in normal settings and user-friendly. Oil Sponge UC is bio-compatible with most bacterial packages and will not harm existing treatment systems. Oil Sponge UC is an amazing product that will not only reduce your carbon footprint but meets all the standards that are considered to be an environmentally conscious cleaner.

Oil Sponge UC is a powerful, all purpose, water based cleaner, that is fit for the toughest industrial needs. Oil Sponge UC Product Page Oil Sponge MSDS Data Sheet