Wera Koloss 1/2" Ratchet Hammer


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You’re not meant to do it, but invariably you do – and you usually end up damaging your ratchet in the process. It doesn’t have to be like that anymore because now there is the Koloss from Wera, the first ratchet in the world that can safely be used as a hammer. The Koloss is a reversible, heavy-duty ratchet that can transfer at least 600 Nm of torque. A double pawl mechanism and a return angle of only 6° allow you to tighten and loosen screws quickly and accurately even in cramped conditions. Best of all, no impact – absolutely no impact – can destroy the ratchet mechanism. Typical applications include: mechanical engineering; ship building; mining; aircraft construction; petroleum industry; industrial plant construction; scaffolding; high rack systems; road building; bridge construction; railway construction and maintenance; commercial vehicle construction and maintenance. Multi-component kraftform handle for optimum pressure, impact, and tensile loads. The tubular shaft minimises impact vibrations. The holster helps to keep tools organised. Ratchet function for 1/2 inch square sockets and 1/2 inch adaptors with square drive ball lock. Hammer function to align workpieces. Design features: Push-through square drive for forward and reverse operation; fine-tooth ratchet mechanism; small return angle of only 6 degrees; can transfer at least 600 N.m of torque; dropforged hammer head pinned to shaft in form-fit joint; dry-fined striking face. Handle end contains adaptor for Koloss Extension 8780C (341mm) or Koloss Centering Pin 8781C. Also includes a single 8782C Pad (50mm x 50mm), and holster.

Ratchet function for 1/2" square sockets and 1/2" adaptors with square drive, equipped with ball lock, hammer function e.g. to align work pieces Push-through square drive for forward and reverse operation, fine-tooth ratchet mechanism, small return angle of 6°, can transfer at least 600 Nm of torque, tubular shaft to minimise impact vibrations, drop-forged hammer head, positively pinned, ground striking face Multi-component Kraftform handle for optimum pressure, impact and tensile loads, handle end designed for connection of Koloss extension 8780C and Koloss centering pin 8781C. Wera Tools Product Page